[Call for rejection letters] Zine section: Failure is the mother of more failures

[申請拒絕信大徵集] 小誌<你說呢?>單元:失敗為慘敗之母


Have you ever wondered what you can do when you receive one rejection letter after the other? How about sharing them with us?

Submit your rejection letters to us! https://forms.gle/p8C9rsNAyTzTfzmQA

We're currently working on a new project, the zine publication "What do you say?" This project extends and complements our podcast, aiming to create something tangible, visual, interactive, creative, and fun.

In line with this, we've introduced the section titled 'Failure is the mother of more failures.' This section serves as a means to collect and publish rejection letters, providing an interactive and enjoyable way to collectively address the fundamental frustrations within the arts and cultural sector.

Whether it's a rejection letter from funding bodies, festivals, venues, events, residency exhibitions, or even from your peers and friends, we welcome all types. We're seeking impressive rejection letters – impressively bad, harsh, and cold, or impressively friendly, warm, and supportive. Of course, anything else special also fits the bill. Most rejection letters likely arrived as emails or in other text formats, but we're open to any format.

We respect your privacy and will anonymize submitted letters, although you're welcome to do so before sharing. With so much to share, we encourage you to select one. Keep in mind that there's a selection process, and not all submissions will appear in the final zine. But don't fret, as we'll inform you with a 'rejection letter' for your rejection letter.

For submissions, send your rejection letters to [email protected] with the subject "Failure is the mother of more failures", OR submit your copy to this form: https://forms.gle/p8C9rsNAyTzTfzmQA We're eagerly looking forward to your contribution.


小誌:你說呢? 我們最近正在工作一個小小的出版品<你說呢?>並在裡面設計了一個單元‘失敗為慘敗之母’。來分享在藝術文化領域工作時,普遍讓人沮喪的時刻——收到申請拒絕通知的時候。




把你的申請拒絕信寄以失敗為慘敗之母做標題,寄到[email protected]。或受填寫此表單:https://forms.gle/p8C9rsNAyTzTfzmQA